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Laminated floors are floating floors made from synthetic materials. Laminated floors have grown in popularity due to their price, sturdiness and resistance to stain & mold in high humidity areas such as basements. A dense core, a resistant supporting layer and boards designed to fit firmly together are all excellent quality indicators.

Laminated floors are installed by fitting boards together like a puzzle. A floating floor is not attached to an existing floor and thus assembly can be done directly over an existing floor (concrete, ceramic, linoleum, hardwood etc.) as long as the surface is level and a thin membrane has been installed over it.

Product Features:

  1. Color and design : a wide range available
  2. Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12.3mm, 15mm.
  3. Length: a wide range available
  4. AC rating: a resistance to abrasion score that indicates which quality to select based on purpose and traffic in a room.
    • AC3: Sufficient for residential projects
    • AC4: Recommended for medium traffic commercial areas
    • AC5: Ideal for high traffic areas such as stores/ restaurants


  • Highly scratch-resistant

  • Wide range of colors and styles

  • Easy to install

  • Economic choice

  • Easy to care for