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  1. Acrylic finish: 3 coats of 100% acrylic Woodplus Ultra 10 finish are pre-applied on the wood. Colors: caramel, espresso, chocolate, ebony or translucent clear
  2. Oil finish: 2 factory-applied coats of Livos product give a matt and natural finish to the wood. Colors: broad range of 24 colors.
  3. Fire-retardant finish: If required, a fire-retardant can be applied to wall siding
  4. Barn wood imitation colors: Natural, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden

Planchers Bellefeuille manufactures interior torrefied wood wall siding for a rich and elegant look as well as barn wood imitation Wall Concept siding. Installation services are available.


  • Offers a modern, classic or refined look

  • Dimensional stability

  • Low maintenance

  • Insulates

  • Torrefaction, a chemical free & environmentally friendly option