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When you decide on wood stairs, you choose elegance, style, and a lifespan that goes the distance. Visual variety is so extensive that it's easy to customize stairs to your specifications. And they can be refinished once they start to show excessive wear.

If you've never considered wood staircases, now is a great time to learn more about them. They could serve you well from 30 to 100 years or more with professional installation. And the more you know about your options, the better your results will be.

Stair railing facts you should know

Wood stair railing comes in various hardwood species, such as maple, birch, and white oak. These options offer distinct colors and graining patterns that bring style and elegance. You'll also enjoy a variety of designs, such as square, colonial, Victorian, and oval. Stair rails offer stability, safety, and beautiful visuals, all at the same time. The features work well together, and with a long lifespan, you'll get the most from your stair railing. In addition, you can choose all the options that cater to your specific needs in every space.



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Here's what you should know about stair treads

Stair treads are the part of the staircase that your foot makes contact with. Usually made of solid wood, they feature species like walnut, ash, red oak, and more. And they're easy to personalize to fit the decor you currently have in place. Some homeowners choose to cover their treads with a carpet stair runner. This helps protect the wood from wear for a longer lifespan. But it also covers a large part of the wood visual.

Stair posts are essential too

Stair posts are another significant part of your wood stairs experience. They are available in the same species you'll find in treads and rails, with stunning designs. But, again, you can customize the size to fit your need, no matter how large or small.
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