The best hardwood flooring is available

If you think hardwood flooring is out of reach, wait until you find out more about it. These floors offer impressive benefits that will work in every room. No matter what decor style you need to match, there are options here for your benefit.

Wood floors are also durable, offering more than 100 years of lifespan. Of course, a professional installation ensures this performance, but there's so much more to them. It's well worth your while to find out everything these floors can do for your home, especially over time.

The beauty of hardwood flooring

Both solid and engineered wood flooring offers many of the same visual choices. First, you'll get to pick a species that caters to natural grain patterns and colors. Then you can add stain color, texture, sealants, and formats for added benefits. Some of the most customizable floors are available, with extensive visual choices. But what makes them even more impressive is the layering of visual attributes. And with all these, you can still add board width and installation layout for a whole new look.

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The durability of your flooring matters

Your wood floors must withstand heavy wear if you have children or pets. The good news is that these floors handle it well, even in busy areas. You can even add area rugs or runners to keep traffic off the surface of the floors. Engineered products add the extra benefit of dampness and humidity resistance. They aren't waterproof or water-resistant, but they can help protect you longer. Be sure to ask about all the details if you need this level of protection.

Acclimation, installation, and maintenance

Acclimation is the first step in the hardwood flooring installation process to avoid damage. The process usually takes one to three days, after which installation can begin. After that, the floors are easy to maintain, and we'll tell you all about it.
Hardwood flooring in St-Jérome, QC from Planchers Bellefeuille

Choose our showroom for your hardwood flooring

When you visit Planchers Bellefeuille, you'll find many materials to serve your home. Our experienced associates are always standing by to lend a hand. And we'll work with you on any size remodel, from start to finish.

Another benefit of shopping with us is that we produce our own hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Therefore, your customization opportunities are practically endless. Just let us know what you need, and we'll work hard to give you the flooring of your dreams!

We cater to residents in St-Jérome, QC, Montreal, QC, Laval, QC, Tremblant, QC, and Hudson, QC. And you'll find the perfect hardwood flooring at our showroom in Saint-Jerome, QC. Be sure to stop by to consider our large assortment of hardwood materials and services.